About Us

LuggageX® is one of the most durable, lightweight suitcases in the world and is also the most affordable.

In a series of extreme tests carried out on 8 suitcases by leading global travel search company Skyscanner, LuggageX topped the charts and were placed ahead of their better known rivals including Samsonite Cosmolite & Antler. Tests included dropping a car from a crane onto the suitcases. Here is some spectacular footage of the tests

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In recent times  It has become clear that there is an increasing demand by travellers for lightweight luggage with a hard outer casing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. LuggageX’s shell is made from a material called Polypropylene which is renowned for its strength, and durability. Our cases have been designed and moulded so that they are extremely lightweight while maintaining exceptional durability which has been confirmed through stress testing procedures.


We don’t take security lightly either, with all LuggageX cases fitted with a heavy duty Zip Closure together with a TSA Combination Lock which is fixed to the body of the case thereby making it immune from this common practice:


Our research has shown that after being lightweight and durable manoeuvrability is a significant factor when it comes to customers selecting luggage. LuggageX cases have 4 Multi-directional wheels (360 degrees) for optimum manoeuvrability. Cases can be towed in conventional two-wheel mode,or moved when upright on all four wheels. LuggageX cases are also fitted with a retracting towing handle with 3 different locking positions - one fully extended, one half way up and the other fully embedded into the case. Last and not least our cases have two Spring Back Carry Handles - one on the top and the other on the side (The 22" case only has one spring back carry handle which is on the top of the case)